W Jan 17
class intro

lecture: Copying from Mies to Bowie

M Jan 22
What is a copy?

discussion: Marcus Boon, In Praise of Copying, pp 12-26, 26-40

W Jan 24
copy exercise: Cheap Knock Off

M Jan 29
Appropriation, Citation, Plagiarism
discussion: Jonathan Lethem, “The Ecstasy of Influence: A Plagiarism”

W Jan 31
copy exercise: Imitation Weingart / Designing Under the Influence

M Feb 5
determine topics and dates of research presentations
discussion: Jorge Luis Borges, “Pierre Menard: Author of the Quixote”

W Feb 7
copy exercise: Quintuplicate

M Feb 12
discussion: Orson Welles, F is for Fake
due: 3 possible copying projects. Briefly, informally present to the class 3 distinct concepts for a copying project. Use printed visual aids, if necessary. For each possible concept, specify the thing or things being copied, the technologies with which you will reproduce these things, and the aesthetic or other transformation your copying will introduce into the original.

W Feb 14

M Feb 19
Means of Reproduction: The Image
discussion: Walter Benjamin, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”

W Feb 21
due: final concept for copying project, one paragraph

M Feb 26
Means of Reproduction: The Image

discussion: Hito Steryl, “In Defense of the Poor Image
Short description of studio project due.

W Feb 28

M March 5
Research workshop

W March 7

M March 12
Presentation of work-in-progress 1

W March 14
Presentation of work-in-progress 2
Visiting critic: Jonathan Krohn

M March 19
research presentation: Tessa Alioto
Paper Materials
Discussion: Charles Bernstein, “Lift-off”; Jonathan Froer, “Emptiness”; Lisa Gitelman, “Near Print and Beyond Paper” (pp 111–115); Kenneth Goldsmith, “Revenge of the Text” (pp 14–18)
Read each of these short texts. (1) Think through what they might mean taken together. For instance how is Bernstein’s poem related to, but different from, Froer’s empty pages? Pick any one comparison between at least two of these texts to elaborate in discussion. (2) Use these texts as prompts with which to develop a sense of paper as both a specific medium AND an object of documentary enquiry, in your studio project. 

W March 21
research presentation: Hilary Short

M March 26
Spring break

W March 28
Spring break

M April 2
research presentation: Brent Hurlbert
discussion: Kate Eichhorn, Xerography, Publics, and Counterpublics, pp 82–95

W April 4
research presentation: Jennifer Brott
research presentation: Stephanie Rivo

M April 9
desk crits
research presentation: Matt Klimczak

W April 11
research presentation: Christian Ortiz

M April 16
In-progress project presentations and reviews
Visiting critic: Alan Smart

W April 18
research presentation: Aliece Rushing
research presentation: Valeria Bernal

M April 23
Intellectual Property Problems
discussion: Matthew Stadler, “From Ownership to Belonging”
research presentation: Megan Kwiatkowski

W April 25

M April 30

final project presentation

W May 2

final project presentation