Imitation Weingart

Produce a new world format (841 x 1189mm) poster, under the “ecstatic” influence of Wolfgang Weingart. Review the scanned excerpt from Typographie: carefully observe these reproductions of his posters and read his account of their production. As you plot your own version, consider a range of possibilities of technical strategies and aesthetic positions in relation to the originals. Will you make a parody, an appropriation, an homage, or what? Consider the difference your digital means of production might make in your new version.


Cheap Knock Off

Make a cheap version of a rich original. Consider sense of cheap and rich. Work in print. The original can be any text, symbol, image, object, or product which can be copied. Make multiples. Consider how the process of copying can alter the original. Come to class on Wednesday with your original in mind. You’ll make your copies during class and we’ll exhibit and discuss them at the end of class.